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(03.03.2017) Two talented artists from the team of the City Art Gallery with a joint exhibition on the occasion of the gallery's 65th anniversary

The exhibition was opened on 2 March, the date of the 65th anniversary of the Gallery.

(05.01.2017) This January the artist Nikolay Kuchkov revived the bohemian spirit with his retrospective exhibition "My friends and I".

Flowers were sent by the Minister of Culture, Vezhdi Rashidov, and congratulations were offered by the Municipality of Plovdiv.

(01.10.2014) Impressions of Cuba

On October 1st will be the exhibition of Arch. Nikolai Popov "Impressions of Cuba" About the organizers (NSFA) is happy that the second presentation of the exhibition Plovdiv to find a gracious host. House "Mexican Art", one of the exhibition spaces of the City Art Gallery - Plovdiv is our reliable partner over the years! The exhibition includes 80 photographs from the archives of Arch. Popov, which premiered this year was predstravena in "Month of Photography" in June, under the auspices of the "100 Club." The concept of the "Club 100" Photographic Academy is every year to be presented collections of authors who celebrate 100th anniversary. We invite all Plovdiv and tourists, connoisseurs and lovers of photography to enjoy this extremely rare collection of archival footage and have a glass of wine together! Welcome!

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